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How they wash our brains..

20 11 10 - 02:04 ..talk about terror to blind us from your horrible plans.
That's basically the recipe politicians tend to use in _every_ country. Like Bush did it during the Irak war (to gain oil sources and to raise the oil price), like Iran does it with enforced religion all the time, and - as if we wanted to turn back the time - it's happening in Germany again. It's easy to sum up a couple of hot local issues quickly:

  • Lifetime extension of nuclear power plants.
  • Enforced realization of the train station program "Stuttgart 21", which is not really beloved by the citizens.

Now, in order to make the people accept new things there are some popular ways that work in a democracy:

  • Convince them with strong arguments about your plan.
  • Have no arguments but cause fear.

The first option takes you to have points that make sense. It's hard to convince people of things that make sense. Because if your plan makes sense, then it's logical and if anything is logical, it requires people to think about it. People don't have time and very often not the knowledge or desire to think about things. We are way to concerned about our own stuff. We let them do. That's why we belive we need leaders in some way (a president, a cancellor, a king, a dictator).

The second option is easier. Just in case you shouldn't have the proper arguments, take the second option. It's always easy to cause fear. Still it takes you have some reasons for the fear you want to cause. I mean, hey, us people, we're not that dumb. You have to make us belive.

The second option is so exciting that I like to focus on it:

Suppose you're living in a country with a blooming economy and no one from the outside has a reason to hate this country aswell. So there's not much of serious danger for the insde. Why would its nation be frightened of anything? Now, living in this comfortable country, let's have a luxury plan like..umm..stop poluting the earth. Maybe by stopping the use of nuclear power plants. Okay, we'd have to buy some energy from our neighbours but hey, we can focus on the research instead. No one else is doing this, because no one else has made such a progress like us. Let's make people waste less and make them choose the company that is offering the best prices. And make the energy utility investigate how they can have low prices while they're creating green energy. Let them work for the people. So the company can evolve more efficient green technologies. Listen, people, this way we'll get closer to the ideology of a more social and peaceful life! ...Not working, you can't convince people of senseless plans like this. Esotheric stuf!

Suppose you're living in a country with a weak economy but still no one from the outside has a reason to dislike this country. Well there are some issues in the inside. As a politician you really have a problem now. People don't like you. You're the leader, you're responsible for everything, your plans are just not lucid either. We're impatient and want to see solutions! Now! Time for you to go.

Suppose it's not very important whether your ecomomy is wealthy or not. You manage to create enemies around you. Like by joining a war against Afghanistan or against Irak. Is there a chance that some people are going to dislike you? Just in case it's not just a couple of countries (that you are attacking) but a majority of Islamic belivers...Oops. Perfect conditions to feel threatened on the inside. Now that makes sense, right? You threaten (and actually attack) someone and because of his revenge you feel threatened. No, sorry, things that make sense are to be forgotten. Forget the part that makes sense. Just remember someone is threatening you. You're being hated. Out of the blue sky! It's them! So unfair! You have to defend yourself. Us, the politicians and the people have to defend ourselves.
What you say? Stop the use of nuclear enegy? Hellooo!! We're being threatened (out of the blue sky), we can't have enough energy. What? Stop S21? Don't you have any other problems?

Enough brainstorming, let's come back to reality.
Currently we do have a terror alert in Germany. And yes, it's the out-of-the-blue-sky-evil-islamists, that we did choose to control in some of their countries. Like Afghanistan or Irak. Well, there was a war - oh, excuse me - conflict going on, you know. So we thought we should better control them, before they control us.
Stupid socialsts chose to do nothing while our good American friends were fighting there for world oil..*cough*...peace. Now the stupid American democrats are leaving those countries and our plan to help them doesn't make much sense anymore. But we have the enemies now and who needs things that make sense anyway? Remember, it's complicated and thus to be forgotten!

Hans-Peter Uhl, a conservative politician said in the German Financial Times: "Those who are still against data preservation haven't understood the threat."

Basically, when we were feeling safer here in the past, the law for data preservation was declined. Good for privacy, indication of safe life and no fear of the other. Do you understand what's going on? They're about to bring back a law by mentioning danger.

So, why, dear Germany, did you have to join a stupid war?

I'm beginning to understand why.

There are those types of people who belive in themselves and thus in people, in us. Beliving that we are able to manage ourselves. Not depending that much on a leader (we don't have to think of pure anarchy now). So if we trust ourselves, we don't need to give away our power to companies that control major parts of the economy and thus have political parties representing their interests.

Then there are those types of people who don't belive in themselves and thus suspect people. Not beliving that we are able to manage ourselves means we need something godlike. The economy. So we are going to give away our power companies that control major parts of the econonomy, having political parties representing their interests. What is their interests? Economy. Does economy have any social rules? No. But it's the god of today, we belive in it. So many things are working well because of it (and it's true). Letting parties handle politics only with economical interests causes them searching for gold without mercy. Germany's motif of joining wars might not be as clear as it was/is for the USA but still it caused enough trouble to feed the interests of some companies that it (or its people) belive(s) in.

If economy is the god, then the politicians created the religion. Us, the people did, too. And we have all of these prophets and whatnot.

I'm not too pessimistic though. I came to the very positive conclusion that it's correct to keep myself independent from the economy a bit. To some part at least. Not radically, I do belive in economy as well.
But I know I'll try to notice the moment when the religion is about to wash my brain.

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