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Bluetooth manager

10 08 10 - 23:01 Something useful.. A week ago or so I noticed that my Debian Squeeze did not run the bluetooth manger anymore.
The only related bugreport I had found was from 2009.
So any newer packages from the current Sid/Squeeze repositories would not help me making my bluetooth manager use the right python libs. Even after I had created symlinks to lead it to the right libraries, blueman would find Constants.py but furhter files would still be missing.

I ended up compiling the blueman on my own. And it worked out well, I've got it up running again. And since I was a good boy, I created a debian package from the daily branch of the blueman project, it's version 1.22.
So, if you should experience the same issues I did on Debian Squeeze, there you go.

Blueman v1.22, .deb for Debian Squeeze, x86

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