Gilzad is a music composer and a software developer. Most of his life he is busy chilling.


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Here I am..

05 08 10 - 02:51 Staring my weblog.. I was hoping there would be a blog that is only based on files without the need of databases.
I don't like databases. Well, let me be more careful: I don't like to use DBs, when it comes to simple tasks like just having a blog on a not too frequently visited page.
I had tried Wordpress once but well, it's based on DBs and once my webhost moved, the blog broke down. Fortunately I wasn't seriously using it. But now I want to..
Luckily I found Pivot on this page and it was the only weblog indicated as a DB-independant one.
It was easier to install than I thought so I think I'll have some fun with it.
There we go, this was my first real blog entry.

A little bit about me
Well, I am Gilzad. This is a real name and it doesn't mean that I eat children. Although I got to hear that they're sweet.
I compose music. So if you really happened to see this blog, then expect to get some media from here and thoughts about melodies, composition, audio stuff..you know..the usual nerds.
Talking about nerds, I think I will also use this blog to share my experiences with linux. You know, that love-hate operating system.
And I might talk about cars, technology, energy, environment, coding...

About my name
Gilzad is a Persian name and the country of my origins is so good at messing things up, so chances are high that you think there's something strange about me.
Well, in a nutshell: I'm not religious and my taste of music is not dominated by Hiphop and R'n'B.

But back to the name:
Gilzad basically means born in Gilan while Gilan is a province in Iran.

I've seen only a few Gilzad's on the net. One that might be found unfortunately died many years ago at a party in Sweden.
Another one might be found on Facebook but he's not me.
And then there is me.
And that's all about the Gilzads, baby. gesetzte Tags:

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