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Repairing the Terratec Phase X24

07 04 15 - 01:32 The best 35 cents I've ever spent. In February this year my beloved audio interface Terratec Phase X24 slowly began alarming me about failing to work. It had served me 6 good years of - do I dare say? - perfect sound and I believed I had to buy something new. The closest thing would be an Echo AudioFire 4 but really, no interface of that size seems to have reached the outstanding quality of my Phase X24. Since the symptoms were suggesting that the failure had its roots in the power supply, I decided to go ahead and try to repair the interface myself. The symptoms are:
  • The device takes a long time to turn on at all.
  • When it tries to turn on, the led lights start flashing a several times until they finally stay on.
  • Once powered on, you'll hear a loud humming through the outputs (line out and headphones) that slowly vanishes.
  • If you turn up the headphone volume too high, the device will loose its power and restart.
So based on these symptoms my first guess was: "Hey, maybe it's just the external AC/AC power supply that got weaker over the years!?" So I was lucky enough to buy one with even better specs (12V, 2.7 Ampere). It didn't help solving the troublesome startups but the device wouldn't loose power anymore if the headphone amp was turned up high. A several sources on the net suggest changing a bunch of capacitors would repair the device or even serve better audio quality. I started off by exchanging only the first one (1000 µF, 25V) right behind the power jack.

That's the tall brown capacitor which is still standing out on the circuit board.

And that was just enough! The Phase X24 is up working again. It starts quickly, without humming and is probably good to go for another six years. :)

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