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Vala highlighting for Notepad++

10 06 13 - 14:37 Bringing two good things together.

At work, when I quickly want to view my source files on Windows, I use Notepad++. On a linux environment that's not a problem, because most editors support the highlighting there. But on Windows Notepad++ doesn't seem to have native support for Vala yet. So I built one. And here it is:

Vala language support for Notepad++

To add this to Notepad++, simply navigate to "View->User defined language" and click on "import" to choose the file. It'll work for vala- and vapi-files.

I gathered the information I needed from here and here as I noticed that expanding the 'langs.xml' didn't work for me.

Oh, and in case you don't know Vala yet: It's the best programming language on earth. Easy as C#, fast as C-compiled code. Because your code will be compiled to C-Code first, before a C-compiler is launched to create an executable for your machine.

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