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22 02 13 - 19:50 A music studio on your smartphone, that is not a toy.

It's strange that an application of this quality has still not gained the popularity it deserves.
Sunvox is nothing less than a very complete DAW that works on almost anything that has Turing capabilities. Got a laptop at home? It'll work on it. Got a tablet at home? Yes, it'll work. Look what's in your pocket. A smartphone? Oh, then Sunvox will run there. FAST.
I feel like after Impulsetracker and Fasttracker, the demoscene has been waiting for something like this. A music software take takes the most out of your cheapo hardware. Most means: Reverb, filters, synthesizers, samplers and a fast and uncomplicated GUI. All at once on any device.

But there's something very important since version 1.7.3 that I want to cover here: Metamodules

What PureData or Max/MSP is for scientists, that's Metamodules for...scientific musicians. No, actually you don't have to be a scientist, that's the good. With MetaModules you can create your own synthesizers or effects and have them work as a new synth/FX in any song. Imagine you could build your your own VST or VSTi with just a couple of clicks. Yes, that's what Nightradio (the coder of Sunvox) has created. I wonder if he was aware of the impact. Because he appears to be a very humble guy and doesn't do much of advertising to get his product spread. And by the time I'm writing this, the 'impact' is just coming to birth.

Not being a big fan of closed source software, I feel that Sunvox offers so much to the open source music scene, that it deserves some attention. What it lacks, though, is some commercial sounding demo songs that not only show its capabilities but also make it attractive to new musicians, who shall not think that it's yet another tracker sequencer for hackers who want to make music. ;)

And of course there are a bunch of ToDo's that would improve its usability and turn it into an even more serious production tool, not only for the pocket, but also for the studios.

But it's getting there with rather huge steps and I'm always glad, if I can contribute to what makes SunVox interesting to me: It's educative. It brings back what the tracked music scene had lost in the past decade(s). Creating modules, sharing them, learning from other modules. And now, we can even do this with MetaModules. ;)

Update: Frank Malm, the author of musicalandroid.com gave me the honor of being interviewed. There you'll find some more info about SunVox Metamodules and precious updates about anything that is audio-related in the Android-realm.

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