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Audacity 2.0.2 in Debian 6

14 11 12 - 00:46 Yes, I can't put Debian 6 aside, even if it's getting harder to find new software for it.
So I saw that the current version of Audacity has a cool new improvement. No, not the realtime-preview. They say that the noise reduction plugin has been improved. So I really wanted to check this out. At first I thought my libraries are just too old for to compile. But then I found Ryan's blog that gave me hope, because he had success compiling it.

Long story short, I just grabbed the source and compiled it and it's working well. To save you the hassle, here's my Debian package of Audacity (amd64).

The only thing that I didn't enable with the script, is the weak pitch-shifting/timestretching that is based on libsoundtouch. Paulstretch is already inside of Audacity for non-percussive sounds and for the other things you'd better get something that uses librubberband.

Now, of course I had to check the improved Noise-reduction tool. Well, okay, it has improved. But still you can hear noise-gating artifacts, no matter how fast you set the attack/release time to be.
Really, the best noise-reduction tool for linux, that can keep up with CoolEdit/Audition or SoundForge's Noise-Reduction plugin, is Jeff's Welty's Gnome Wave Cleaner. He has really improved my life inside Linux.

Other than that, Audacity is really the best wave editor you can find for linux. I have tested many. You're welcome to show me something that I missed.

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