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Broadcom b43 and EasyBox

30 12 11 - 23:25 No quality of service is what you may have. Before you end up like me, going down to shell, configuring wpa_supplicant by hand and googling for a bunch of results that tell you to exchange nm-applet by wicd, let me tell you what's relevant for us linux users, enjoying the open source b43 driver:
You need to disable qos on the driver and then you're done. Try it the quick way first, before you attempt to change your system:

# rmmod b43
# modprobe b43 qos=0

If nm-applet successfully connected now, you may create a file /etc/modprobe.d/b43.conf and write the following line into it:

options b43 qos=0

Then reboot, then surf. With gnome's nm-applet. After crawling the net for a day, I found all the information here.

Note that this is only supposed to work with the free b43 driver. I don't know how Boradcom's proprietary wl would have behaved. I abandoned it as it causes extreme interrupts on my firewire interface, which makes ffado skip/xrun a lot.

Anyway, I hope the internet is now filled with the right keywords to lead you here, should you have the same problem as I had.

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